Gay Dating

Click here for more.It is pretty well known that all men are horny most of their lives. So just think, you put two gay men together and that is twice the horny! Us gay guys having had to hide our feelings for so many years, are a lot more open to discussing our sexual desires. Gay men are attracted to the sex act itself as are straight men. We also like to make out actually and like the companionship, without sex. On the other hand, we are very attracted to the sex act with no strings attached. We enjoy body parts and sexual behaviors with other men. We like casual gay hookups and we have quite a circuit of an underground discreet population which keeps it on the down low. We like gay muscle, gay mature, gay military, gay boy hookups, gay bear hookups, gay twink, chubby, Asian and even bathroom wall hookups. A must do experience would be the Circle Jerk. If you are not familiar with this activity, it is where a group of us gay guys (and even straight guys who are curious and want to try some stuff) come together on the DL, get completely naked, lay down in a circle and jerk off at the same time! It is a gay fantasy come true! Very erotic… Gay boyz like older men because they are more mature, more experienced, they are better at the act of sex and young guys can learn a lot as well as give a lot! Man on man action is nothing new, it has been recorded as far back as the Greeks. The Greeks were well known to have sex with each other. They trained for their Greek “Olympics” called “The Games”. Many of these Olympians would later marry and have families. I guess you could say they were the first known bisexuals.

As mentioned above, there is a section of our community of younger guys who like to hang out with older men. These relationships are not always sexual in nature but sometimes more about companionship. They even sleep naked together and cuddle but do not always have sex. These young men are often wise beyond their years. They have usually been through some life changing event that propels them to seek a relationship with an older male.

On the other hand there are older males who are still “young at heart” and have never thought of themselves as old. They feel youthful and seek out younger males for companionship to do activities together such as skateboarding. They can relate to each other on the same level though they may be 10 to 20 years apart.  It is a unique close relationship verging on gay but sometimes it is not. Sometimes one is gay and one is straight but they find comfort in each others company laying together, cuddling and sometimes lying next each other masturbating but not touching each other.

Where do you fit in? Would you like to meet someone who wants your companionship first? or maybe someone who just wants to hookup for guy on guy action? or maybe you are straight and curious? There are thousands of profiles of gay males for you to select from. You are guaranteed to hookup and get your needs met. Gay dating in your area is not as hard as you might think, you just have to know how to hookup. That is where our site comes in.

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